About HCA

Harding Christian Academy is a private registered secondary school with enrollment of about 300 students from all over rural setting families that are suffering as a result of poverty, ignorance and diseases.


Our Vision is to promote excellence in spiritual values and academic standards for better resourceful services in the society.


To Transfrom and mold sons and daughters of Uganda into useful and responible citizens in future by rendering a service in a rural setting in both spiritual and social life.


We value Christian Morals, Excellence, Integrity, Partnership, Inter-cultural understanding, and effective use of resources.

Away from the noise traffic and city disruptions, Our environment helps students to excel in their Academic, Spiritual and Talent fields. 

The Mandate

HCA was initiated in February 2003 at Nawangoma Hill with a mandate to promote Christian values to the incoming generation and to have them to be resourceful and responsible in the society. We touch the lives of youths coming from vulnerable families.


Your giving enables HCA to meet academic, spiritual and basic needs of hundreds of our students from vulnerable families.


A gift of $100 can sponsor a student from a poverty stricken family to study at Harding, have meals and be transformed in CHRIST.