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In 1994 Waiswa Stephen came into contact with a missionary called Deron Smith. He preached the gospel to Waiswa Stephen and he became interested and invited him to his home village, in Nawangoma where many people joined.

Many people believed the gospel and were baptized, and the Church of Christ was started in this village.

The members of the local church at Nawangoma village requested the local leaders by then to allow them use the original land to the Church of Uganda, since the Church of Uganda had acquired another land, where they established themselves as a local church.

The leaders by the R.Cs decided to offer the land on top of the Nawangoma Hill to the Church of Christ Busoga region in 1996 since it had been there with no occupant.

For the sake of development, the whole village accepted and signed an agreement. Now, Nawangoma Hill is fully occupied by the Busoga Churches of Christ.

The Busoga Churches of Christ hosted Ken Johnson from the USA to the local church at Nawangoma village of which they shared with him the dream of having a Christian secondary school since there was no such a school in the community.

Mr. Ken Johnson requested the members to organize an independent working committee so that they would not contradict with the missionary purpose by those who were working under the New Testament Churches of Christ at the Source Café.


Harding is grateful to have The Ganus Family in the USA as core pillars that support HCA in many ways. 

Dr. Clifton L. Ganus Jr. (RIP), first visited Uganda in December 2002. During his visit, he had the opportunity to come to Nawangoma local church. He also found out that they had stayed for two years without funds since Ken Johnson had withdrew his funding support along the way and therefore, there was no school activity taking place. 

The Church; two years earlier, they had a foundation for two class rooms. Only the church building had two constructed walls with no roof, floor, windows and doors. It had been funded by Ken Johnson with a $1500 grant to the local church.

In February 2003, Dr. Ganus from Harding University in U.S.A decided to take over the project as he was motivated by the local church, local community leaders and elders who showed interest in supporting the school church project in the village.

Dr. Ganus started funding the school project with a grant of $4000.

Classes started in Waiswa Stephen’s home and his brother’s place. About 22 students started in two classes. The number grew to 45 but varied at the end of the year.

In 2004, we had 40 students in three classes, 190 students in four classes in 2005 and we registered over 300 students by 2006. When there was trouble from villagers, the school was closed from February 20th to May 26th 2007.

Later on, the grace of GOD emerged and enabled the Board of Directors of the Busoga Churches of Christ to resolve all troubles that were being brought by villagers to fight for the partition or closure of the school.

The Ganus family including Dr. Clifton L. Ganus Jr. (RIP), Charles and Patty Ganus and others have been great pillars who have led and supported operations of the school through donations, scholarships, prayer and remarkable Leadership direction. Through their support, we have been able to pay staff and cater for all requirements needed to provide Christian centered education that is transforming the future of hundreds of youths across Uganda and East Africa.

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